Tempo Storm finds community director in Robert Allam

North American organisation Tempo Storm has hired Robert Allam as its Director of Social Media & Community.

Allam is perhaps best known as u/GallowBoob on Reddit.

perhaps best known as u/GallowBoob on Reddit
Credits: Robert Allam, Tempo Storm

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In his role at Tempo Storm, Allam will look to establish the organisation as the “most innovative esports franchise in the world” by building communities around its content, teams, and interactive media.

Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk, Founder and CEO of Tempo Storm, spoke on the hire in a release: “With Robert’s incredible background building massive communities from nothing, we couldn’t wait to bring him on to the Tempo team. As we continue to grow Tempo from a more traditional esports organization to a media franchise with live interactive shows, games, and other media under our belt, we couldn’t have a more perfect fit to help us grow than Robert.”

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Allam, who is based in London, UK, has gained a reputation through his output on Reddit. He manages a host of communities on the platform, including r/RoastMe, r/OddlySatisfying, r/Relationship_Advice. He’s said to have accrued over 50 million users through these threads.

He has worked at the likes of UNILAD, Jukin Media, and BoredPanda, using the skills he has built through Reddit to help with fostering communities and increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Esports Insider says: This is somewhat of an unconventional hire on the surface, but it’s a great one for Tempo Storm. It’ll be interesting to see how Allam applies his talent to esports in particular, which already has a popular “meme team” (we’re looking at you, G2 Esports).

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