FaZe Clan shakes things up with CTRL investment

Meal replacement company CTRL has received investment from North American organisation and entertainment brand FaZe Clan.

Financial terms of the investment have not been disclosed at the time of writing.

FaZe Clan Invests In CTRL
Photo credit: CTRL

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As part of its ownership in CTRL, FaZe Clan will “put its marketing prowess” to work, advertising the brand to its fan base across social media. As well as having its branding on CTRL’s packaging for the foreseeable future, members of the organisation will receive their own flavours of the meal replacement shake.

Skyler Johnson, Co-founder of CTRL, spoke on receiving the investment in a release: “FaZe Clan is the ultimate embodiment of esports as a lifestyle brand, which has come to include everything from music to art to clothing. So far, nutrition for gamers hasn’t really been part of the conversation. CTRL fills that niche and brings this topic to the forefront.”

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Interestingly, FaZe Clan extended and expanded its partnership with energy drink brand G FUEL in March. The deal sees them work together on content creation, merchandise, and retail distribution of the collaborative flavour FaZeberry. Esports Insider was informed that there is no conflict of interest as CTRL is not in the energy drink category.

Thomas “Temperrr” Oliveira, Founder of FaZe Clan, commented: “People generally think of gamers as kids in their mom’s basement drinking soda and eating potato chips. The truth is we actually take care of ourselves and want to continue breaking the traditional stereotype of what it means to be a gamer. With CTRL, we’re introducing a healthy option to the gaming community and letting our fans know that nutrition is extremely important to us.”

Esports Insider says: This is a very interesting development considering FaZe Clan’s relationship with G FUEL, but more so because it’s a move to promote health and wellness in the industry in a big way. Not only partnering with CTRL but investing in it, this is a statement by FaZe Clan.

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