Global Esports Federation sets sights on South America with ODESUR deal

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has entered a strategic partnership with Organización Deportiva Suramericana (ODESUR) to develop an esports strategy for South America.

The agreement comes just a day after the announcement that the federation confirmed the memberships of World Taekwondo and the International Tennis Federation, and within months of its partnership with the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Global Esports Federation sets sights on South America with ODESUR deal
Logos: Global Esports Federation, ODESUR

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Camilo Pérez López Moreira, President of ODESUR, said that the partnership provided an avenue for ODESUR to capitalise on esports’ potential in the region: “Esports has quickly risen in popularity and gained strong footing in South America, in both spectatorship and participation. Nevertheless, there are still enormous growth opportunities compared to other regions in the world. South America is consolidating as a huge market for the development of esports within the 15-member NOCs of ODESUR.

“The Executive Board of ODESUR approved the partnership with the Global Esports Federation as it will strengthen our coordinated effort in developing necessary infrastructure and commerce to accelerate the growth of esports in South America.”

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The Global Esports Federation’s latest partnership has been agreed with the aim of developing a South American esports strategy that can provide a “catalyst for social benefit and change,” according to a release. The GEF claims its initial focus will be set on three main goals:

  • Conducting an analysis of the status of esports in South America, and jointly develop an esports strategy for the South American Games;
  • Exploring and developing sustainable esports properties for ODESUR, including the development of events, partnerships and promotional opportunities, that connect and serve the esports community in South America;
  • Developing athlete-centred and sports-focused initiatives that harness and elevate the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion and innovation in esports.

Chris Chan, President of the Global Esports Federation, stated: “The strategic partnership with ODESUR expands our global footprint into a key region where esports is poised for rapid growth. We look forward to jointly develop a sustainable esports strategy that will convene and service the vibrant esports community in South America that boasts 228 million users in 2020.

“This latest agreement supports our mission and strengthens our effort in fostering great collaborations globally to elevate esports on the sport and entertainment world stage.”

Esports Insider says: With several key partnerships secured, there can be no doubt now that the Global Esports Federation is truly aiming to become an integral part of the international esports picture in the years to come—regardless of its link to Tencent causing concerns over the nature of its motives for some.

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