Oddin.gg and BOA Gaming partner for esports wagering solution

Czech Republic-based esports betting technology provider Oddin.gg has partnered with sports betting technology company BOA Gaming to develop an esports wagering solution.

The end-to-end betting solution, which is targeted at the global gaming market, will utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning to equip sports betting operators with the tools to effectively onboard esports wagering markets.

BOA Gaming Oddin.gg
Credit: Oddin.gg

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The solution promises to provide the “sharpest pricing, risk management, and analytical tools” available for betting operators globally. Integrated directly into the BOA platform, the plug-and-play solution will serve as the “ideal tool” for businesses to tap into the esports market with both free-to-play and real money gaming products.

Steve Ellis, CEO and Founder of BOA Gaming, commented on the venture in a release: “We’ve integrated ODDIN.gg’s esports content into our unique BOA platform and together we’ve delivered a plug and play solution for Free to Play and Real Money Gaming that is 100% focused on esports and represents an ideal tool to tap into the fast-growing esports market.”

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Both BOA Gaming and Oddin.gg are clients of Las Vegas consultancy company SCCG Management, which specialises in the investment and development of technology solutions and platforms within international gambling markets. SCCG Management will “support the companies business development efforts within the US gaming markets,” according to a release.

Esports Insider says: While Oddin.gg is a relative newcomer in the market, it boasts an impressive AI-powered odds feed that will now have the avenue to make it into the consumer’s hands thanks to its partnership with BOA Gaming.