OG appoints JMR Luna as CEO

European esports organisation OG Esports has appointed former Immortals and Evil Geniuses executive JMR Luna as its CEO.

Having also enjoyed a career as a filmmaker in Hollywood, Luna is looking to “transform the organisation from being player-run to player-owned.”

OG hires JMR Luna CEO
Photo via: OG

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Luna will be the connective tissue between OG’s board and the organisation itself, executing the “very clear vision” that Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Sébastien “Ceb” Debs have for the brand. The organisation, which has four Majors and two The International wins under its belt, will be looking to expand into North America and China under its new leadership.

Luna spoke to Esports Insider about the opportunity: “I am honored to be trusted to continue building the legacy of this incredible organization that so many fans around the world feel so passionately about. This is a life-changing opportunity for me, and I am very excited to be working alongside Johan, Sebastian, Charlie, Xavier, and the rest of the members of the organization. OG was founded upon the core values of fairness, kindness, and competitive excellence. And we must continue building onto them.

“We will continue investing in competitive excellency. Continue working with Red Bull and the best partners and brands. Continue making sure that OG’s brand identity is protected and nurtured and, of course, making our fans proud.“

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OG currently competes in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and will look into acquiring external funding for the first time, hoping to find the “right partner that wants to work with us and become part of the family.”

N0tail spoke on the appointment: “Competing and dealing with the stresses that come with running a company is an immense challenge and something that Sebastian and I still tried to balance for years. JMR is a much-needed asset, somebody I knew I wanted to work with. Ever since JMR started working with us I have felt much more joy in my day-to-day and I grow ever more certain that my dream for what OG can become is going to be real.”

Esports Insider says: Luna has a lot of experience in the creative realm, and leading a movie production requires a lot of operational and strategic thinking, so this is a very interesting move from OG. Transitioning from being player-run to simply player-owned without losing the allure of the organisation is pivotal here, we believe.

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