AoE Creative finds Creative Director in Evan Eckard

Creative and Marketing Agency AoE Creative has hired veteran designer Evan Eckard as its new Creative Director.

Eckard has collaborated with 100 Thieves, worked on the branding and merchandise design for streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, and helped with the branding, user interface, and user experience for music streaming app Pretzel Rocks.

Even Eckard AoE Creative
Credit: Even Eckard, AoE Creative

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Markel Lee, Co-founder and CCO of AoE Creative, is excited “by the parts of Eckard’s skill sets that tend to get overlooked or underutilized by the industry in the status quo.” With esports being around for years but very much still in a formative stage, Eckard’s experience may create an opportunity to “redefine best practices” and help construct tools for the creative agency to fit the demands of the esports and the wider gaming industry.

Both Eckard and Lee are aficionados of packaging and physical print, which “most people in the gaming and esports community fail to consider.” With the two already having a past working relationship, Eckard’s new position with AoE Creative makes sense and seemingly marks a new era at the agency.

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Lee continued: “It’s been great working remotely with him in the past, and this is a bigger and better opportunity to have him in-house, so that we can work, learn, experience, and grow.”

Esports Insider says: AoE Creative has an impressive roster of clients and with a renewed focus in the creative realm, this could well be bolstered thanks to Eckard’s involvement. By bringing his experience to the table, AoE Creative seems keen to revolutionise esports and, by all means, we welcome experimentation and growth to the industry!

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