Live Media and MissClick TV partner to expand Liga Pro Gaming into Brazil

Live Media Esports Entertainment, a Peru-based production company focused on esports, has established a partnership with Brazilian broadcasting company MissClick TV.

The deal will see the two companies collaborate to produce content promoting the “two main esports of Valve Corporation,” with a particular focus on Dota 2.

Live Media - MissClickTV
Credit: Live Media

The agreement is part of the expansion plan of the Liga Pro Gaming, an important note considering Steam is expected to announce more details about the structure of the regional leagues of Dota 2. According to a press release, the format is “very similar” to Riot Games’ League of Legends. The agreement between the companies also unlocks the transmission of the Ligo Pro Gaming in Portuguese.

Luis Carrillo Pinto, CEO of Live Media Esports Entertainment, stated in a release: “Brazil is an esports powerhouse on the continent. It has world champions in CS:GO and very competitive teams in Dota 2. In our next official tournaments we will include several Brazilian teams in both Dota 2 and CS:GO, which will increase the competitive level. In this growth, being allied with a broadcasting company such as MissClick TV, allows us to reach out with our content and sponsors to the most powerful market in South America.

“We share the Publisher’s philosophy and objectives of promoting Dota 2 in Latin America. That is why we are only giving space to South American teams, from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Ecuador, where we know that there is a passion for Dota 2 but not internal level competitions. The objective is to break a vicious cycle in which only Peru and Brazil are the protagonists of South America.”

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Season 5 of Movistar Liga Pro Gaming for Dota 2 has a structured tournament system that focuses on the competitive level of teams in South America. Kicking off on July 2, the event features 16 teams in a superior division that will compete for a prize pool of $10,000 (£8,059.50). Eight teams in a lower division will play for $2000 (£1,611.90) in prizes.

Guilherme Pereira Cerdera Martins, CEO of MissClick TV, added: “Movistar’s contribution to esports is very important. It is an example of what they do in Spain and now they have replicated it in Peru with the most competitive Dota 2 league in the region, recognized throughout South America. At MissClick TV we work with great passion, we have a great talent and production team, and we want to contribute to the growth of Dota 2 in Brazil. This partnership with Live Media strengthens both companies for future projects.”

Esports Insider says: The partnership between Live Media and MissClick TV seems a solid way to highlight South American teams while pushing the Dota 2 esports experience to more eyes. By including broadcasts in Portuguese, the two companies open the opportunity to welcome a larger audience.

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