Rachel Feinberg discusses building Ateyo on ESI Focus #2

Continuing with the deep dive into esports apparel, Rachel Feinberg, Co-founder of Ateyo, joins host Adam Fitch on the second episode of ESI Focus.

Feinberg is the co-founder of Ateyo, a brand specifically geared towards gamers. During the episode, she discussed the reasoning behind targeting this audience in particular, how the company is innovating in the industry, and why it was desirable to start a standalone brand instead of working to enable organisations to have their own merchandise.

Feinberg and Fitch also discuss the need for tailored performance gear, collaborating with esports players and organisations, and the future of Ateyo and esports apparel at large.

As well as being housed on YouTube, ESI Focus is available on all major podcast platforms. We’ll see you again this time next week for the next apparel-themed episode!

Last week on ESI Focus, Fitch was joined by Matt Shaw, Esports Lead for PUMA, to discuss the sportswear brand’s esports strategy and goals.

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