Twenty First Century Media launches TCM eSports

Sports marketing and management company Twenty First Century Media (TCM) has launched a new esports marketing division, aptly named TCM eSports.

The new division is said to create engagement opportunities for brands to engage with esports fans that don’t watch television.

TCM Esports Launch
Image credit: TCM eSports

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TCM eSports has also been appointed as knowledge partner for the India Gaming Summit, scheduled to take place over July 28th-30th.

Lokesh Sharma, Managing Director of TCM, commented on the launch of the division in a release: “As people continue to practice social distancing and stay home amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile gaming has become a preferred pastime for not just entertainment but also social connection. There is a widening of the digital media landscape and the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, eSports, influencer-marketing, digital videos that provide huge digital audiences.”

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TCM believes that esports in India is going to become an instrumental fan engagement tool for traditional sports leagues to engage with the young demographic.

Basant Dhawan, CEO of TCM, also commented on the launch: “The average weekly time spent for gaming in India stands at a whopping 3 hours and 7 minutes. This creates a great opportunity for brands that want to reach, engage and create a sustainable relationship with an otherwise hard to reach the audience and for sports properties that want to groom and engage the next generation of their fans.”

Esports Insider says: India’s esports scene has been cited as the next big expansion opportunity for several organisations. Now TCM has launched its dedicated esports division, it could mark another wave of growth for the region.