Noble Esports purchased by investor Kyle McDougal

12 August 2020


Florida-based investor Kyle McDougal has completed the acquisition of North American organisation Noble Esports.

The deal, said to have been in effect since July 31st, will see McDougal absorb 100 percent interest in the company, including all of its assets. McDougal is a registered member of Palm Harbor, Florida-based investment firm Kynsey Investments.

Noble Esports welcomes back Jeremy "Lambzy" Mclamb as CEO
Image credit: Noble Esports

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Noble’s current management will remain intact and overseen by the organisation’s newest Chief Executive Officer, Sheriff Fenix. Transitioning from his role as owner of Avidity, Fenix will integrate “fresh ideas and ideologies” into the team’s management.

Noble will additionally revise its current business strategy to shift towards philanthropy, serving the esports community at large. A release states: “Not only do we want to help our staff, players, and streamers to become as successful and fulfilled as possible, we also want to carry that outside of the organization and directly help people in need that aren’t affiliated with Noble.”

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With the assistance of Fenix, the organisation is set to welcome an unnamed South American Rocket League team into its umbrella of competing teams alongside VALORANT, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rainbow Six Siege, among other titles.

The release concludes: “We are extremely excited about the direction Noble will be heading in the near future and beyond. With our focus on greatness, integrity, professionalism, and high moral standards, Noble will build onto what has already been established and will globally be looked at as one of the preeminent organizations in gaming.”

Esports Insider says: Acquisition is, for many, the dream opportunity to come across, and Noble has achieved just that through this deal. With financial backing and a new attachment to the organisation’s management team, it’ll be interesting to see which direction Noble expands in, especially in light of its renewed business strategy.

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