Astralis Group merges Origen and Future FC into Astralis brand

15 September 2020


Danish organisation Astralis Group has announced that it will be merging all of its activities and teams into a singular brand, effective immediately.

The move will see the Origen LEC side and the Future FC FIFA roster move under the Astralis banner alongside its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

Astralis Group Origen Future FC Merge
Credit: ESL

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Alongside all teams moving under the Astralis name, the company has launched an all-new “Astralis universe” that encompasses a new social media structure, merchandise, media initiatives, and “fan-related products.”

Anders Hørsholt, CEO of Astralis Group, spoke on the decision: “Through the merger of all activities and our team brands, we position ourselves as a leading organization in international esports. Already today, the red star is iconic in the esports scene and we have made the strategic decision to dedicate all resources to creating a truly global brand in esports and gaming. Digitally, physically and team wise, all our future activities will be done in the Astralis name and based upon the same values that characterize the organization.”

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As part of rebranding the League of Legends operations under the Astralis banner, Origen founder Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño will take a step back from the team while remaining a shareholder in Astralis Group.

Hørsholt added: “We are investing significantly in this, to elevate everything around our teams. From the way we work with the individual players and teams, the culture of the organization and what we offer to fans and our other stakeholders. We want to champion the positive potential of gaming through example, by providing a guiding star for aspiring gamers worldwide.”

Esports Insider says: Some may say that this is evidence that operating multiple team brands isn’t as easy or effective as having one brand with unified goals and values, especially commercially. COVID-19 hasn’t been easy on most organisations and this restructuring is surely a sign of the times; the group must believe that the Astralis brand is the one to bet on long-term.

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