Betway enters one-year agreement with beastcoast

18 September 2020


Online bookmaker Betway has reached a partnership accord with North American organisation beastcoast.

The global betting brand will back the organisation’s Peruvian Dota 2 team through a one-year deal, according to a release. Betway will obtain rights to jersey branding as well as player access, allowing the bookmaker to “bring its fans closer to the action.”

beastcoast Betway Dota 2
Credit: Bart Oerbekke, ESL

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Nick Valencia, Vice President, Sales and Partnerships at beastcoast, commented on the deal in a release: “We’re excited to make waves across the Peruvian DOTA 2 scene with our new partnership with Betway. Our players have turned Beastcoast into an esports team that fans across the country love and root for in every major event. 

“With Betway’s support we’ve already made plans to release more of the content our fans love. We’re very happy to be able to give our fans never-before-seen access to our players. We’ve got so much more planned with Betway over the course of our partnership, and we wish we could share it with you all now. Our upcoming launch and show match are just the beginning, stay tuned!”

The Dota 2 team, regarded as one South America’s finest, last year achieved a 7-8th finish at The International 2019 and has recently eclipsed $160,000 (£123,495.20) in total prize winnings. Prior to this deal, beastcoast had entered a one-year partnership with esports-focused sportsbook Rivalry.

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Celebrating its partnership with Betway, the organisation will host a show match with its players and other Peruvian Dota 2 influencers on the beastcoast Facebook Gaming channel.

Adam Savinson, Head of Esports at Betway, added: “Beastcoast are the dominant force in South American DOTA 2 and therefore a natural choice to join the Betway family. We can’t wait to share our innovative approach to esports sponsorships with one of the most passionate and dedicated fan bases in the industry.”

Earlier this week, the bookmaker inked a sponsorship deal for the AMD SAPPHIRE OGA Dota PIT event. Betway is arguably the most active bookmaker in the space, landing five new deals this year alone while maintaining its long-standing partnership with Swedish organisation Ninja in Pyjamas.

Esports Insider says: Betway has long been the market leader in esports betting with a diverse portfolio of international teams and events that has seen its brand appear virtually everywhere. While beastcoast may seem minor in comparison to other deals with PSG.LGD and Ninjas in Pyjamas, it’s a step towards capturing the LATAM market.