DreamHack and ESL merge under ESL Gaming

30 September 2020


MTG-owned tournament organisers DreamHack and ESL have merged organisations under one corporation.

While operations for both companies will now operate under ESL Gaming, DreamHack and ESL will remain as independent brands.

DreamHack ESL Merger
Credit: ESL

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The new company structure is effective immediately, with Craig Levine and Ralf Reichert leading ESL Gaming as Co-CEOs. The merger is said to allow DreamHack and ESL to “push forward new innovations to serve fans and communities” in “every region around the world.”

Craig Levine, Co-CEO of ESL Gaming, spoke on the development in a release: “Through maximum cooperation and collaboration, and the melding of some of the best creative and visionary gaming minds in the industry, we will, together, continue to advance the innovation that drives this space via the most exceptional products and events.

“For our partners, there will be more opportunities to engage with us through a wider range of activations across all levels of esports, and all aspects of gaming. And for our fans, it means we will offer one of the most expansive esports and gaming lifestyle portfolios available.”

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It’s said that the restructuring will allow for “expanded flexibility and skills” for DreamHack and ESL

Marcus Lindmark, Co-CEO of DreamHack, added: “DreamHack has always brought communities together and created the ultimate gaming lifestyle experience for our fans all around the world. This will not change — but by combining our resources with ESL, we can continue to grow these events into something even more spectacular. Whether first-timers or long-term attendees, we have always offered something for everyone by featuring everything gaming under one roof.

“With ESL, we will be able to offer a more tailored approach for both our community and our partners across all regions through an array of gaming and esports opportunities, all while creating impactful and memorable experiences. The future of gaming is now, and we are excited to create the future together.”

Esports Insider says: While the two companies are being brought together under ESL Gaming, it’s not entirely clear as to how this will outwardly change things considering ESL and DreamHack will remain separate brands. Nonetheless, with the likes of the ESL Pro Tour, the two entities have been working closer together than ever in recent times so this perhaps isn’t as surprising as it could have been.

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