SportQuake launches esports sponsorship agency EsportQuake

03 September 2020


Football partnerships agency SportQuake has entered the world of esports through the launch of sponsorship service EsportQuake.

The agency will adopt SportQuake’s “unique 360 approach,” working across “all global esports properties.”

EsportQuake Launch
Credit: EsportQuake

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Through SportQuake, the company’s team has facilitated deals between Shopee and Cristiano Ronaldo, FBS and FC Barcelona, eToro and the Premier League, and Tottenham Hotspur, and Fun88 and Newcastle United. Its website states that it has invested over $500 million (£377 million) on behalf of brands since 2006, and it has negotiated over 100 contracts.

Matt House, CEO of SportQuake, spoke on the venture in a release: “We’re setting up Esportquake to help brands plan and buy Esports better. The Esports ecosystem offers brands some amazing opportunities but it’s big, it’s new, it’s complicated, it’s evolving very fast and there’s a huge lack of buy side expertise. Esportquake will fill this gap providing brands interested in reaching Esports audiences effectively and at the right price with all the rigour and services they would use when buying traditional sports and media.”

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The “four stage approach” that EsportQuake will adopt includes utilising IP to create co-branded products, negotiating player across television and out-of-home advertising, access to team headquarters for business-to-business events, and product integration.

Esports Insider says: SportQuake has been successful in the world of football, but esports is a different kettle of fish. There are a few sponsorship agencies that have been fruitful in their efforts in esports so it’ll be interesting to see how competition affects the landscape.

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