Gambit Esports reveals new logo as part of refreshed brand identity

09 September 2020


Russian organisation Gambit Esports has unveiled a new logo as part of an overhaul of its entire brand identity.

The organisation tapped Russian sports design studio Quberten for the identity refresh.

Gambit Esports Refreshed Logo
Credit: Gambit Esports

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The existing branding of Gambit Esports had to be changed as it “contained a number of serious problems,” including the “chaotic construction of the logo” and “the absence of the author’s star and shield” according to Quberten’s case study. The refresh has a “noticeable expansion of the corporate identity.”

As well as a new logo, the organisation has a new visual identity and website. The overhauled identity is based on the belief that the “style itself must have its own design code and at the time same be combined and unified.” Even the shade of red used in the previous branding has been altered as part of the redesign.

Gambit Esports Visual Identity
Credit: Gambit Esports

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A statement posted on the organisation’s social channels reads: “Our logo has barely changed since our organization was founded in 2013. When talking about Gambit, a star situated within a shield comes to mind just as much as star athletes and legendary victories that glorified our tag.

“New visual identity, developed together with sports design studio Quberten, will allow us to look fresh and up-to-date in a constantly evolving digital environment and will maintain a tight connection with Gambit’s legacy. As for us, we will make sure to continue winning trophies and making you proud.”

Esports Insider says: We’re seeing more and more organisations updating their branding as they look towards the future. As the years go by, so too do the demands of branding – especially in an industry that’s heavily digital. We’re not design gurus over here by any means but we’re liking this overhauled look for Gambit.

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