GGLeagues to launch national recreational gaming leagues

16 October 2020


American amateur tournament organiser GGLeagues has announced the launch of a series of national recreational gaming leagues across multiple titles.

The company will launch remote leagues for Rocket League, FIFA, Madden, and Fortnite in January 2021. 

Image credit: GGLeagues

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GGLeagues’ new national leagues will likely be geared towards partners such as recreation agencies, corporations, schools, and park districts to help launch and manage their esports leagues and tournaments.

The company will split the competition into youth and adult divisions, with both divisions offering beginner and open brackets so players of any skill level can participate and compete. 

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GGLeagues CEO, Erich Bao, commented that the company’s “goal is to bring recreational gaming to gamers everywhere. Right now, esports competitions are largely reserved for elite players. GGLeagues will change that by building recreational esports infrastructure across the nation. Similar to how there are youth sports and adult recreational sports, GGLeagues gives all players a chance to compete at the games they love.”

The first of four seasons kicks off on January 16, with each competition running every Saturday for six weeks. 

Esports Insider says: More support infrastructure for grassroots esports is always good. How the company can get buy in from third parties to run competitions will be interesting to see considering outside of sponsorships with HyperX and Sector Six, how the company monetises appears unclear. 

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