Bayes Esports publishes tournament-focused whitepaper

Esports data company Bayes Esports has published its second industry whitepaper, in collaboration with Sportradar, titled: ‘How to maximize your esports tournament experience’.

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With the publication, the Berlin-based company is primarily targeting tournament organisers, as well as others with interests in the ‘growing esports industry’, according to the whitepaper’s introduction. Contents include how to organise esports tournaments effectively (including guidance on appropriate formats and methods of data utilisation), the legal challenges that come with organising tournaments, and the ways in which traditional bookmakers misunderstand the esports demographic.

The whitepaper features guest op-eds, case studies to guide decision-making, and interviews with major esports companies including WIN. Other companies involved in the publication include esports betting company Oddin and law firm Lubberger Lehment, which specialises in trademark and unfair competition law. The paper also has sections dedicated to integrity concerns in esports competition.

“My team and I are happy to present you the second whitepaper from Bayes Esports, in cooperation with Sportradar,” said Martin Dachselt, Bayes Esports CEO in the whitepaper’s introduction. “With our informative and useful content about ‘how to maximise your esports tournament experience’, we address tournament organisers and everyone who is interested in the growing esports industry.

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“We have tried to put together a great deal of useful information about tournament formats, teams, engagement, data, technical needs, legal concerns, and integrity… We want to thank [collaborating companies] very much for their great support through extremely interesting deep-dives, interviews, and op-eds. Our common goal is to help you optimise and monetise your tournament.”

‘How to maximize your esports tournament experience’ follows Bayes’s first whitepaper, released in June 2020, titled: “How to create value out of esports data”. In 2019, the company announced it had acquired exclusive worldwide data rights for League of Legends esports. Earlier this month, Bayes’s Director of Data Science, Darina Goldin, wrote for Esports Insider on the key betting markets of Riot Games’s new title VALORANT.

Esports Insider says: The whitepaper provides some interesting insights from leaders in their respective fields, from esports betting to what the western world can learn from events in China. For anyone interested in ensuring esports events are being run optimally, this is probably a must-read.

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