Polish Esports League to provide sign language for CS:GO finals

04 December 2020


Gaming agency Fantasyexpo, the Akademia Młodych Głuchych Foundation and Sevenet S.A have collaborated to launch esports sign language dictionary #GamingWithoutBarriers.

The initiative looks to provide sign language opportunities for esports broadcasts, with the Polish Esports League’s CS:GO finals, commencing today (4th December) through to 6th December, being the first competition to implement the programme.

Photo Credit: #GamingWithoutBarriers

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As a result, the CS: GO finals will be broadcast live with the support of Polish sign language interpreters. In total three translators will be used to accompany the commentators in the studio to help explain the course of the action whilst also expressing ‘live, emotional casts’, according to the release. 

Karina Akseńczuk, Communication Without Barriers Manager, SEVENET S.A stated: “When we were offered to co-create a gaming dictionary for deaf people, we could not disagree. Taking part in such an action is part of the Communication Without Barriers mission, thanks to which we have been providing deaf people with the possibility of using an online sign language interpreter since 2011.

“We are happy to be able to create a history of expanding esports availability for the deaf and be the first to translate this kind of event.”

Nineteen characters related to the CS: GO game have been translated into the Polish sign language dictionary, with translators from the Akademia Młodych Deaf Foundation collaborating in the process. These phrases were recorded at Fantasyexpo’s studio in Krakow along with educational material to help people understand the esports’ gameplay easier. 

Bartosz Wilczek, Head of Esports, Fantasyexpo commented: “I am proud and happy with this initiative. The idea was born in my head and it followed me for a long time until I managed to find some really great people with whom I can implement this project. I believe that there are no barriers in gaming and esports, which is proven by our action “

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The  Polish Esports League Finals will be broadcast live on Twitch and on Polsat Games TV as teams such as Izako Boars and lluminar Gaming compete for the 100,000 PLN (~£20,153) prize pool.

Joanna Marks, Head of Media Relation, Polish Esports League added: “Searching for solutions that can go beyond the templates known in the world of esports is a creative and surprising way. We want to show that playing computer games is a form of entertainment without restrictions and without barriers, for everyone, regardless of conditions. I hope that at least we will please those who have not been able to experience gaming events in this way so far. “

Esports Insider says: The #GamingWithoutBarriers programme is a great initiative that should help provide a  number of deaf people interested in esports an enhanced opportunity to consume content in the best way possible. We expect that its partnership with the Polish Esports League will offer a solid example of how the initiative will operate. If successful, don’t be surprised to see #GamingWithoutBarriers or these type of programmes launch for other regions. 

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