Babbel enters esports with BIG partnership

German esports organisation Berlin International Gaming (BIG) has entered into a strategic streaming partnership with e-learning platform Babbel

The collaboration will see BIG promote the language learning platform on its broadcasting channels, as well as produce educational content. 

Image Credit: BIG

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Daniel Finkler, the CEO of BIG, spoke on the partnership in a release: “Communication is critical to success in any team sport. We have managed many multinational teams in the past and in all these teams, clear communication between the different nationalities was often a significant challenge, which is still true today. Therefore, I am delighted to have Babbel, one of the leading providers for web-based language learning, as our partner.” 

BIG will use the platform internally to support its players in learning languages and to improve its team communication. Esports Insider spoke to Finkler to find out more about the partnership.

“Considering how communication is crucial for good team-play in all stages of the game, we are working on this topic very hard,” he said. “Babbel is a great solution that will help us track and manage the learning process of our athletes.”

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In addition, the organisation will introduce interactive educational features into its stream broadcast.

Finkler explained: “Babbel will be present on all BIG’s and its player’s channels. We will focus on emphasising the importance of learning languages in all areas of daily life, as well as help people to improve their team-play within international teams.”

According to the release, this marks the first out of multiple initiatives BIG plans to pursue in order to bring educational services closer to its community. 

“In the long-term, we hope that we can break down the language barriers in our teams significantly and improve communication between our professional players. Ultimately that will help us to improve our chances of success,” added the CEO.

Esports Insider says: Compared to a lot of collaborations that focus on promoting consumer goods and various services, this partnership is something unique. Not only does it focus on providing additional value and educational elements to its community, but it also shows there are other ways of consuming esports.

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