British Esports’ Head of Content Dominic Sacco announces departure

08 January 2021


The British Esports Association’s Head of Content Dominic Sacco announced yesterday that he will be stepping down from the organisation after more than four years in the role. 

In a video posted by Sacco yesterday, he cited that the reasoning for stepping down from his role is to go full-time with Esports News UK, a news site he founded in 2015.

Photo credit: British Esports Association

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Regarding his decision to leave British Esports, Sacco told Esports Insider: “Several things encouraged me to go for it this year. Esports News UK has been pulling in steady revenues through ads and partnerships during the tail end of 2020. I’ve been studying a course on the consultancy side for a while now and am coming towards the end of it. I have also just moved house and it just felt like a good time to go for it.”

Moreover, Sacco did highlight that he will also be looking into other esports opportunities, such as launching a consultancy in order to “help educate brands looking to take their first steps into the esports market, with a specific focus on the UK”. I
n his video, Sacco mentioned that he will still have a presence at British Esports as a freelancer, albeit for a transitional period. 

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Since being appointed in September 2016, British Esports has seen significant changes. In the last 12 months the association has partnered with Table Tenis England, the British Basketball Federation, FACEIT, and Hitmarker, among others.

He added: “I’ve had a lot of fun at British Esports over the past four years. They’re at a very different stage to where they were back in 2016 when I joined, they’re doing lots more activities with a bigger team and it’s getting busy there. 

“It’s reaching a point where I’m struggling to work there, run Esports News UK in my spare time and juggle my home life with my family too.”

Esports Insider says: Sacco’s decision to step back from his role at British Esports can be seen as an indication of esports’ recent developments in the UK. Moreover, his consultancy project should hopefully help continue breaking down the barriers between non-endemic brands and esports in the country. 

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