Dignitas partners with digital banking platform Zytara

07 January 2021


Following the esports organisation’s rebranding yesterday, Dignitas has announced a new partnership with financial technology firm Zytara.

The partnership will see the release of Dignitas-branded Zytara debit cards and app skins. Moreover, both entities will collaborate on a range of content about driving awareness around financial solutions for gamers.

Photo credit: Zytara / Dignitas

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Speaking exclusively to Esports Insider, Zytara Founder and CEO Al Burgio highlighted the importance of its first-ever esports strategic partnership being with a global entity, such as Dignitas.

He said: “It’s very important for us to have widely recognised and respected teams as partners. That’s not to say that we won’t consider other organisations along the way, but out of the gate, it’s very important for us. It’s not just about being widely recognised, but it’s also about common interests. 

“We have that with Dignitas, financial literacy and financial inclusion is very important. Being tech first is also very important to them as a company, and obviously, all of those we have in common.  We believe that really makes for a very successful relationship.”

Zytara officially announced its plans to launch a digital banking platform tailored towards gamers and younger generations in December last year. The platform’s features are set to include integrated automated payments for online gaming tournaments, player-to-player transfers and ‘easy-to-use’ parental controls, alongside the limited-edition Dignitas themed cards and application skins.

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As previously mentioned, Dignitas completed its latest rebranding yesterday, with the organisation announcing the return of its Alien logo and mascot ‘Digi’, ahead of the upcoming League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2021 Spring Split.

Speaking about the timing of Dignitas’ rebranding, Burgio commented: “We’re really honoured that we can partake in the celebration of their new look. Beyond showing a new jersey and so forth, we now also provide another lens for Digi. So I think that’s really fortuitous for us timing-wise.”

Credit: Dignitas

John Spiher, Vice President of Partnerships at Dignitas, also spoke on the organisation’s latest partnership: “Partnering with a brand as dedicated to the financial education and success of our athletes, creators, and community as we are is an extremely valuable opportunity.

“We look forward to working alongside Zytara to create innovative fan experiences focused on bringing their digital payment innovations to life.” 

The Dignitas-branded Zytara cards are expected to be made available in early 2021, however, fans can already register on the banking platform’s website in order to notified of their availability. 

Esports Insider says: Dignitas’ partnership with Zytara already looks promising, particularly the launch of branded debit cards. Moreover, Dignitas be able to create additional content which can centre around financial information, meanwhile, Zytara’s association with the organisation will boost its profile.

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