Team Liquid extends long-term partnership with Alienware

North American organisation Team Liquid has announced the extension of its 10-year partnership with gaming PC brand Alienware.

The extension will see Alienware continue to supply hardware for Team Liquid, with innovations focused on three new programmes: fan engagement, player performance & technology, and community opportunities.

Team Liquid Alienware 10 year partnership Liquid+
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Team Liquid / Alienware

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According to the release, Team Liquid and Alienware’s deal is the longest hardware partnership in esports history and the longest partnership between a gaming company and an esports team.

Since 2011, Alienware has supplied the esports organisation with gaming PCs, monitors, headsets and peripherals. Building on this relationship, the PC firm has also been named the official launch partner of Liquid+, which is shifting from beta to public access tomorrow (January 27th).

A day-long space-themed interactive event will be streamed on Team Liquid’s Twitch channel, sponsored by Alienware, to celebrate the launch of Liquid+. The front-page Twitch stream will feature a literal space launch, virtual arcade games, fan highlight reel, an Among Us tournament and more.

On the extension, Team Liquid’s Co-CEO Steve Arhancet commented:“Ten years ago, I was introduced to a team at Alienware — the same team that I work with today — after an event during my Curse days. I didn’t know it at the time, but that conversation would go on to help shape Team Liquid, and with it, my entire life.

“Alienware and Team Liquid have been partners for a decade because we dream hard and work even harder.”

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The press release also hinted at facility upgrades and new technologies as areas the duo will continue to innovate and invest in for the development of player performance. In addition, Alienware and Team Liquid will provide ‘under-represented people in esports with access to esports resources, such as mentors, scholarships, career development, and an inclusive series of tournaments and events’.

“In our next chapter, we’re going bigger than we ever have by introducing programs that contribute to fans and players, starting with our Liquid+ launch, and open up the esports industry to underrepresented voices,” continued Arhancet.

“Our plans are bold, but so are we, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Alienware and Liquid.”

Esports Insider says: The renewal of this partnership comes as no surprise. Along with Team Liquid’s renewal with Marvel, the organisation has developed a portfolio of successful commercial partners which highlights the level of trust sponsors are willing to put into the organisation’s brand. 

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