3D Aim Trainer secures €1m in latest funding round

10 February 2021


FPS practice and training tool 3D Aim Trainer has raised a total of €1m (~£881,224) in its latest round of funding, with the likes of Ron Doornink, the former CEO/President of Activision, and Freshman fund investing in the company.

According to the release, the investment will be used to expand the company’s team, bring its product to other platforms, whilst also ‘making aim training fun’.

Photo credit: 3D Aim Trainer

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This is the second time that Freshman has invested in 3D Aim Trainer, with the firm funding the esports company’s initial angel round back in July 2019. The new investment round was led by Freshmen.

Steven Spittaels, a Managing Partner at Freshmen, said: “We’ve been very impressed with the way the team has managed their audience growth while scaling the company and preparing the fundamentals for future success.

“We strongly believe in tools to improve athlete performance, and 3D Aim Trainer does exactly that on a global scale in one of the most exciting industries. So we are very happy to invest in their future trajectory.”

Since being founded in July 2019, 3D Aim Trainer has developed from a team of three founders to over 17 full-time employees. The firm cited that the FPS aim trainer has grown from a monthly user base of 125,000 to nearly 700,000 in over a year. Moreover, the company has managed to launch a mobile application for 3D Aim Trainer on iOS and Android.

3D Aim Trainer’s CEO, Miquel Matthys, added: “3D Aim Trainer’s mission is to inspire gamers to go next level. We are blessed with an incredible audience of hard-core gamers who are dedicated to improving their aim. But we want to support all gamers around the globe, regardless of their skill level, to get better at what they love doing.

“For certain users, this means more expert training exercises, challenging targets and deeper insights in their performance. For others, this means more guidance, a step-by-step approach and realistic goal setting, to keep motivation high and make aim training rewarding.” 

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Along with Freshman, it was revealed that Ron Doornink, the former CEO and President of Activision and ex-chairman of Turtle Beach, was announced as one of the new investors alongside Jean-Bernard Moens, First VP of Gaming and Business at King, the company behind Candy Crush.

Doornink commented, via a press release: “3D Aim Trainer masterfully addresses the desire of gamers to improve their skills. Gaming has changed. Esports is now generally recognised as a sport. And as with every competitive activity, people want to get better and outperform others. — Whether a beginner or a pro, 3D Aim Trainer does exactly that.” 

Esports Insider says: Despite being founded as recently as 2019, 3D Aim Trainer has managed to secure yet another substantial amount of funding in its latest investment round. Not only does the re-investment of Freshman highlight a level of belief in the 3D Aim Trainer product and roadmap, but the addition of Moens and Doornink signifies the company’s recent growth and potential.

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