Christie St. Martin named Queens Gaming Collective CCO

Women-led gaming lifestyle company Queens Gaming Collective has announced the appointment of Christie St. Martin as the organisation’s Chief Content Officer.

According to the release, St. Martin is expected to ‘spearhead’ Queens Gaming Collective’s content creation, distribution and optimisation strategy.

Photo credit: Queens Gaming Collective / Christie St. Martin

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The appointment, described as a ‘key strategic hire’, also sees St. Martin become a spokesperson and representative for the organisation in order to ‘help shape the reach, reputation and narrative’ of the organisation.

Esports Insider spoke to the new CCO to discuss her appointment further. “At Queens, our real, absolute, true mission is to provide accessibility and community to women in gaming,” said St. Martin. “It’s an inclusive platform that’s dedicated to amplifying voices of women and inspiring the next generation of gamers. That’s probably the most textbook thing I could say about Queens, but the way that I see it is that we’re establishing a new dynasty.

“We’re doing our part to make the world a better place so that my daughter can enter the space and feel like it’s safe for her and she belongs here. I want her to know that [the community] was made for her to reign as the Queen that she will become, that’s my personal goal.” 

Despite joining Queens Gaming Collective, St. Martin will remain as the CEO of Gamers.Vote, a non-partisan, non-profit organisation which encouraged the gaming community in the US to participate in the 2020 Presidential Election. 

When discussing her new role and what can be expected, St. Martin shared: “For me, content is really about the presence of our brand, our incredible talent across all channels, our partnerships, activations, tournaments, capsule drops — it’s going to be built from a purpose that’s driven from the core of who we are as impact pushers from the female narrative.

“I’m really excited to see how we speak to the audience that makes them feel like they can be more vocal or belong in the space.”

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Prior to Gamers.Vote, St. Martin previously worked on brand strategies for the likes of Twitch, Google, PUBG, Samsung, MTV, and Coca-Cola, among others. In addition, she also remains on the Advisory Boards for non-profit firm Gamers Outreach, creative agency and venture studio Zoned Gaming, and voice-assisted gaming company Fridai.

St. Martin continued: “I hope we start to see a massive shift where we get to pull from all the amazing talent from other spaces who did identify as gamers personally, just not vocally. That will create a really interesting narrative about who women are as gamers.

“But that’s part of the narrative that we feel responsible to push forward, is ‘what is a female gamer?’ You know, it’s not a one-size-fits-all model.”

The gaming collective launched in late 2020 and made their public debut at ESI Digital Winter. The movement is co-founded by Chairman Justin G. Giangrande and CEO Alisa Jacobs.

Esports Insider says: The appointment of Christie St. Martin is a smart move. St. Martin has an experienced background in creating brand strategies for a range of companies and has clearly identified how to garner a younger demographic through Gamers.Vote. It’ll be interesting to see how Queens Gaming Collective’s content output changes in the near future.

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