Global talent agency UTA adds FaZe Clan to its list of clientele

02 February 2021


Global talent and entertainment agency UTA has announced the signing of North American esports organisation FaZe Clan to its roster or clientele.

According to the press release, UTA will look to ‘amplify’ FaZe Clan’s efforts as the organisation expands its content into scripted, unscripted, podcasting, and live streaming, alongside developing brand partnerships. 

Photo credit: FaZe Clan/ UTA

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This is not the first time that UTA and FaZe Clan have crossed paths with the agency’s list of clientele including the likes of NickMercs, Swagg and Mongraal, among many others associated with the esports organisation. 

Damon Lau, UTA’s Head of Esports, commented on the partnership via a release: “Through its execution of innovative concepts such as #FaZe5, FaZe has cultivated an unprecedented fanbase and has established itself at the forefront of entertainment, technology and culture.

“We look forward to partnering with the team on developing one-of-a-kind content to further grow their audience.”

Alongside the agency’s FaZe clients, UTA’s esports division also includes a multitude of prominent names in the industry, such as Pokimane, Scump, Symfuhny, and Valkyrae to name a few.

It has been revealed that FaZe Clan will continue to maintain its in-house teams, which spans across content development and production, talent management, legal operations, and brand partnerships, whilst being represented by UTA.

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“Our partnership with UTA signals the next stage in our evolution as a media and entertainment company, with a heightened focus on content expansion,” added Lee Trink, the CEO of FaZe Clan. “Content and talent have always been the nucleus of our organisation. With UTA’s powerful network and skill at aligning brands for high-impact opportunities, FaZe will further accelerate our indisputable growth trajectory.”

The partnership is expected to further develop FaZe Clan’s content products and follows on from the organisation’s appointment of former NFL executive Bill McCullough as its Executive Vice President of Content. As part of McCullough’s role, he is expected to oversee the development and expansion of FaZe Clan’s original content slate, which includes tapping into a variety of media channels.

Esports Insider says: UTA and FaZe Clan already have a strong relationship given that the agency already had some of the organisation’s players as clients. So, to see this partnership occur is no surprise. Nevertheless, this announcement is huge for FaZe as the organisation looks to develop its content output, whilst also breaking through to the mainstream audience.

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