PUBG esports unveils 2021 structure

South Korean video game holding company KRAFTON, Inc. has revealed the structure of its PUBG esports ecosystem for 2021. 

The upcoming season, which starts with PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S) this week, will consist of four global PUBG esports events throughout the year. 

Image Credit: KRAFTON, Inc.

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After PGI.S concludes, the game developer will hold the fourth and fifth editions of its PUBG Continental Series (PCS) in June and September. Similar to last year, both PCS events will be online regional tournaments taking place across Europe, Asia, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, which now includes North America and LATAM. The season will culminate with the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) in November.

Competing teams can collect circuit points throughout each of the regional PCS tournaments, with leading teams qualifying for PGC towards the end of the year. Other details, such as additional ways of earning points and prize pool information are yet to be revealed. 

Image Credit: KRAFTON, Inc.

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Throughout the 2021 season, KRAFTON has announced that it will look to focus on three key areas – fans, professional athletes and global representation. 

According to the release, PUBG esports has identified the fan experience as a ‘critical component of the program’ and aims to create a convenient and interactive viewing experience. In the area of professional player experience, the release mentioned increasing prize pools and larger revenue sharing. As for the last focus point, the goal of PUBG esports ecosystem is to ‘bring the world’s best teams together’. 

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It has also been revealed that The Pick’Em Challenge will continue for each of the four events and that additional third-party events will be announced throughout the year.

Esports Insider says: The landscape of the PUBG’s esports season this year looks solid, with the developer focusing on significant key elements such as strengthening fan engagement and potentially increasing prize pools. Whilst PUBG Mobile continues to bloom, it’s nice to see the title’s PC variant also increasing its efforts in the esports sector. 

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