Rainbow Six Siege unveils 2021 esports plans, Six Invitational moved to May

24 February 2021


Publisher Ubisoft has provided an update for its Rainbow Six Siege 2021 esports structure, with the announcement confirming that the postponed Six Invitational will occur in May this year.

Photo credit: Ubisoft

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According to Ubisoft’s statement, the Six Invitational will replace the Season 2021 Six Major Of May. The competition will still consist of the teams currently qualified for the Six Invitational, with its prize pool of $3m (~£2.12m) unchanged.

Despite announcing the tournament, exact dates and locations for the Six Invitational are yet to be revealed.

The organisations qualified for the Six Invitational will be able to transfer players during the 2021 off-season Transfer Window by following the rules currently established in the Global Rulebook. However, if the team releases a player, or that player is transferred to an organisation that won’t be competing at the Six Invitational, they will receive a portion of the prize money the team will earn during the Six Invitation as ‘compensation’ for helping the organisation. 

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Also, major changes have also been revealed for the Global Circuit. Ubisoft has revealed that draws are eliminated and overtimes are now reinstated. As a result, matches will be decided through ‘best-of-three overtimes’ instead of ending in a tie.

Organisations will also have the opportunity to have 2 distinct rosters in order to allow teams to compete at both Regional and National levels. Organisations can have up to 12 players in the roster, with up to 7 players registered for each specific roster.

For the European League 2021, the competition will maintain its online round-robin format, with best-of-one matches still utilised. Nevertheless, the teams will now have nine playdays over seven weeks instead of five, with one match per week for each team on Mondays.

According to the release, this is expected to give teams more time to prepare for matches. The last two playdays will be played on a weekend.

To leave room for the Six Invitational 2021, the calendar for Stage 1 has been adjusted.As a result, Stage 1 of the European League will now commence on March 18th at 6pm CET. 

Esports Insider says: The Six Invitational is the biggest event in Rainbow Six Siege esports, and so it’s glad to see the competition officially be confirmed for May. Given the ‘compensation’ clause being installed during this transfer window, it’ll be interesting how many organisations use this and how much of the team’s eventual prize pool will be given to the players if so. 

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