YouGov introduces game-changing data platform to esports

British polling and data company YouGov has enhanced its Global Fan Profiles tool so properties, sponsors and rights holders can track fan sentiment and attitudes in esports.

Credit: YouGov

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The new YouGov Global Fan Profiles gives a view of fanbases around the world, providing data across 200 leagues, 50 events, 45+ game titles and 2,000 teams in sport and esports. Subscribers can create side-by-side comparisons of individual game titles, leagues, events, tournaments, and team fanbases. 

It is designed to help properties, sponsors and rights holders identify the size of their fanbases, who their fans are, how fans consume content and how they align with the thousands of brands and audience trends YouGov tracks.

YouGov data
Pictured: YouGov data indicate where some of the world’s most popular teams, such as G2 Esports and Cloud 9, are most popular. Credit: YouGov

Global Fan Profiles is built upon more than 300,000 interviews per year collected on a continuous basis. It provides a view of the size, attitudes and behaviours of fanbases in 32 key esports markets including the United States, China, India, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia. 

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As it is connected to YouGov’s comprehensive consumer data, subscribers can connect data across sports and esports with core demographics, media consumption, brand preference, interest, following, viewing and awareness. It is an extension to YouGov’s connected data solutions and is complementary to YouGov SportsIndex.

Pictured: Garena Free Fire’s esports audience broken down by age, gender, and nationality. Credit: YouGov

Nicole Pike, YouGov’s Global Sector Head of Esports & Gaming said on the new product: “Esports is such a valuable and fast-developing industry that properties, partners and rights holders deserve to have accurate and always-on data at their fingertips. Sponsors are getting more sophisticated about how and where they choose to invest in the space, and YouGov Global Fan Profiles is the most comprehensive, in-depth and valuable dataset in the market. This tool represents an important step in moving the conversation away from generic ‘esports fans’, and toward a more nuanced view of the distinct fan bases within this growing space.”

Esports Insider says: No data company in esports is doing quite the same as YouGov, with the type of data the company gathers and analyses. It seems obvious that the company is set to use its vast resources for the industry’s betterment; accurate, easy-to-interpret data is good for all involved. 

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