EPOS secures two-year ESL Gaming Australia partnership

ESL Gaming Australia, a local division of esports tournament organiser ESL, has announced a two-year partnership with audio device company EPOS.

The agreement will see EPOS become ESL ANZ Champs’ official audio partner, with the deal expected to cover both its CS:GO and StarCraft II competitions. 

Photo credit: EPOS/ ESL

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Throughout ESL ANZ Champs broadcasts, a range of EPOS products will be used on set by talent. Two new broadcast segments will also be introduced as a result of the partnership.

According to Graeme Du Toit, ESL’s Head of Sales & Marketing, this includes a team comms activation which will highlight “key moments throughout the league”. Moreover, a technical pause segment will be introduced so on-air talent can update fans on the server whilst also interacting with the audience. 

Maja SandGrimnitz, Head of Global Marketing at EPOS, commented: “As a leading esports organisation, ESL is an obvious partner for EPOS. Their focus on professionalism and performance makes them a perfect match for us. Dedication to premium audio is in our DNA and being able to realise this through this partnership is exciting for EPOS’ ambitions to bring the power of audio to all gamers.”

ESL Gaming recently announced significant improvements to its Oceanic division following the opening of three new dedicated esports studios in Western Sydney. Fans will be able to see the new studio in action on March 8th when ESL ANZ Champs’ CS:GO competition kicks off.

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Over the last 12 months, EPOS has secured partnerships with a range of esports entities, such as OverActive Media, BLAST Premier and Cloud 9.

Regarding the partnership, James Fletcher, ESL’s Product Manager, added: “We are excited to bring EPOS on board as the Official Audio Partner, and look forward to highlighting excellence in audio through their range of products each week on the ANZ Champs broadcast.

“Whether it’s hearing where a footstep came from in CS:GO, or noticing a sound cue in StarCraft 2, audio has always been a critical component of success for professional players — having the right gear can mean the difference between winning and losing an important match.”

Esports Insider says: ESL Gaming Australia is yet another reputable name added to EPOS’ growing list of esports partners. The agreement seems similar to that of its deal with BLAST Premier, with product integration and broadcast segments being utilised to push EPOS’ brand, whilst also providing content for fans.