EVOS Esports join forces with Hepmil Creators’ Network

Southeast Asian esports organisation EVOS Esports has announced an exclusive partnership with creator agency Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN) for the Indonesia market.

As a part of the deal, the organisations will be offering brands and advertisers in Indonesia premium inventory on YouTube by leveraging HCN’s reserved media offering, mostly focused on esports and gaming. 

Additionally, the partnership will open up the opportunity for esports and gaming talents in Indonesia to become a part of the Reserved Media programme.

Credit: EVOS Esports

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Karl Mak, Co-Founder and CEO of Hepmil Media Group spoke on the partnership in a release: “EVOS Esports is the top esports organisation in the region, and we are excited to enter the Indonesia market through such a strong partner. The opportunity of reserved media and esports has been validated to be successful in the US and we are excited to bring it to Indonesia with EVOS. 

“Through this partnership, we will be able to expand our reserved media inventory and cater to advertisers in Indonesia, who are not only hungry to enter the esports and gaming space but also looking for media buying opportunities to associate their brands with the industry.”

According to the release, marketers will be able to create YouTube advertising assets in various formats, complementary to their branded content on YouTube channels. This will be done in collaboration with gaming talents who are working with EVOS Esports and HCN. 

Ivan Yeo, Co-Founder and CEO of EVOS Esports also commented: “We are delighted to partner exclusively with HCN in Indonesia to offer a premium inventory of YouTube’s reserved media to brands. EVOS Esports is open to offer this initiative to gaming talents in Indonesia, as it will serve as an additional revenue-generation stream for them. I am confident this new offering will serve as a catalyst in elevating the esports and gaming scene in Indonesia.”

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HCN caters to content creators in Asia by enabling them to monetise through branded content campaigns and increasing their AdSense revenue through YouTube reserved media. The company claims to be the first in Southeast Asia to offer a premium inventory of reserved media to advertisers in the region.

The offering comes about from HCN’s partnership with US-based digital media company Bent Pixels, which owns the sales rights for reserved media through its long-term partnership with YouTube.

Esports Insider says: At this point, the collaboration with content creators is almost an inseparable part of growing an esports organisation. Helping to develop the content creator economy in the Indonesian market will surely help the organisation strengthen its presence in the region. 

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