Apex Legends announces fan contribution to ALGS Championship prize pool

Electronic Arts has announced that Apex Legends fans will be able to contribute to the ALGS Championship prize pool by purchasing item bundles in the title’s store.

According to the release, the original prize pool of $1m (~£704,000) could potentially rise up to $3m (~£2.1m) due to fan contribution.

Credit: Apex Legends Global Series

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Starting on May 18th (today), item bundles will be sold in the Apex Legends store to boost the prize pool for the ALGS Championship.

For each ‘Mechameleon’, ‘Boared to Death’, ‘Wild Speed’ and ‘Silverback’ bundle purchased by players and fans, $5 (~£3.52) will be added to the tournament’s total prize pool. For each ‘Animal Kingdom’ bundle purchased, Apex Legends will add $20 (£14.10) to the prize pool.

The contribution has a total cap of $2m (£1.41m), which would raise the potential total pot to $3m.

Apex Legends has stated that one Legendary Legend Skin, one Epic Banner Frame, and one Epic Gun Charm will be included in the bundles. The Animal Kingdom package will include all of the items from the bundles in one big package.

Fans will be able to purchase the bundles until June 1st.

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The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is due to begin on May 22nd and features organisations competing from across the globe, such as Complexity Gaming, Alliance, Team Legion, Cloud9, TSM, NRG and Team Liquid.

The ALGS Championship will be held entirely online, due to the ongoing  COVID-19 pandemic. with one team from each region (North America, EMEA, APAC South, APAC North and South America) being crowned champion.

Esports Insider says: It’s fantastic that the fans are able to show their support for their favourite teams and organisations competing, whilst also adding to the already very lucrative prize pool for the ALGS Championships.

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