BLAST Premier and Bondly launch chicken NFTs

CS:GO esports tournament series BLAST Premier has partnered with NFT solutions provider Bondly to launch a chicken-themed NFT collection.

The chicken-themed collection will launch on June 15th, with BLAST NFTs starting at $18 (~£12.72). Moreover, esports fans can claim an exclusive BLAST founder’s edition NFT in a digital wallet from June 14th.

Image credit: BLAST Premier

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Faye Marlborough, Head of Merchandise for BLAST, commented: “When we approached the idea of making available a range of collectable NFTs, we wanted to ensure we were creating something that was fun, accessible and affordable – while ensuring these collectables are more than just a product but an experience.

“We’re excited to work with Bondly to help navigate us through our first venture into NFTs. Their technology and expertise will ensure a simple, environmentally aware and enjoyable introduction into the world of NFTs for our community.”

According to the release, BLAST has created two chicken divisions, Team Red and Team Blue, consisting of three chicken characters each. Bondly’s gamification process will allow every chicken NFT owner to upgrade it by blending multiple NFTs using BondSwap.

Users will also have the chance to choose their favourite character, collect an entire team, or just hold onto their chicken NFTs through gamification.

Jack Flaherty, CEO of Sports at Bondly, added: “BLAST’s chicken-themed NFTs developed by Bondly, extends the fan’s feeling of competition beyond the tournament through buying, collecting, and trading of our gamified NFTs. Combining our design studio and proprietary technologies, we have created the first ever NFT swap-based gamification experience for esports fans.”

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Bondly uses a Polygon (MATIC) Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism that allows for the safe, accessible and environmentally friendly creation, integration and purchase of NFTs. As such, every chicken NFT created through this process will be carbon positive.

Earlier this year, BLAST also announced partnerships with L33T Gaming, MADMONQ and Coinbase. Meanwhile, Bondly is set to release another NFT collection with G2 Esports

Esports Insider says: This collaboration is the latest addition to the deals that BLAST secured earlier this year, showing the company’s constant growth. The chickens in CS:GO are a fan-favourite running gag, and the collection is set to be met with commercial success.

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