G2 Esports partners with Bondly to launch NFT series

European organisation G2 Esports has established a multi-year partnership with NFT solutions provider Bondly

G2 will launch a series of organisation-related NFTs, designed to ‘immortalise its strongest moments’. The first G2 NFT is set to be revealed on June 30th, whilst the rest will be released gradually throughout the year, all available exclusively via the Bondly platform. 

Credit: G2 Esports

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Carlos Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of G2 Esports, commented: “Today is a huge day for G2. NFTs are something we’ve been working on for a long time. Bondly is the market leader in this field with strong technology and creative experience. I could not be more excited to partner with them. Not only will this partnership allow us to immortalise some of our legendary moments, but give back to our incredible fans, players and supporters and enable them to own pieces of G2’s legacy. This is why we’re offering our first NFT for free.”

To create additional value, Bondly will gamify G2’s NFTs and their holders will be rewarded for collecting several pieces. Moreover, the design of assets will evolve over time. 

According to the release, the digital assets will be created by using the proof of stake mechanism, which potentially offers a more energy-efficient alternative to Ethereum’s proof of work system. 

“I’m also fully aware of the massive amounts of energy required for the mining and selling of NFTs, so we’ve been careful to make sure our NFTs will have as little environmental impact as possible,” added Rodriguez. 

“Many NFTs from different companies have been released for the sole purpose of profiting from communities,” he said. “It is our goal that any and all NFTs that we release grow in value over time through connecting them with long-term benefits that hold intrinsic value. Our commitment to the NFT world comes from our deep belief in its technology and usability for the purpose of community engagement.” 

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Bondly claims to be the first NFT platform to go to market with NFTs in partnership with influencers and musicians. This marks the company’s first venture into esports. 

Jack Flaherty, CEO of Sports at Bondly, stated: “This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both companies to deliver next-generation fan engagement to esports fans and players around the globe. We place emphasis on quality first, so that every G2 NFT we produce maintains or grows in value while enriching every owner’s experience with the team and brand.”

Esports Insider says: Just as expected after Virtus.pro and Flashpoint news, more organisations are jumping on the NFT wagon with the hope to leverage the hype and a goal to provide value for fans by releasing digital collectables. While the two mentioned organisations revealed classic, traditional sports-style collectable cards featuring their athletes, G2 is yet to reveal more details on its NTF series but got everybody intrigued by the fact that one lucky fan will get the very first piece for free. 

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