Evil Geniuses launches LoL analytics platform Factor.gg

North American esports organisation Evil Geniuses has announced the launch of a new esports analytics platform called Factor.gg

The goal of the free-to-use platform is to build upon other data solutions on the market, adding proprietary statistics and features to break down each microelement of professional play. Specifically, Factor provides users with a deep analysis of professional League of Legends (LoL) leagues.

Image credit: Evil Geniuses

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Some of Factor’s sponsors at launch include the daily fantasy sports platform Monkey Knife Fight and cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase. Content licensing partner, ONE Esports will feature Factor stories, data, and insights across its properties.

Chris DeAppolonio, Chief Innovation Officer at Evil Geniuses said: “Although our industry is built on ones and zeroes, esports has lagged behind traditional sports in the areas of analytics and fan-focused platforms that provide engaging new stats, insights, and content. With Factor, we’re responding to fan interest in advanced stats and esports analysis and driving a change in how this complex data is accessed and analyzed.”

According to the release, Factor collects and analyses raw data from professional and amateur leagues across the world. The data can then be used for performance analysis of teams and players; talent recruitment, or simply provide insight into the intricacies of high-level LoL. 

Moreover, Factor features a 2D visualisation of the LoL map and a Key Events Timeline. This allows fans and users to re-watch a match along with important highlights based on player actions and team locations on the Rift.

Data scientists at Factor have identified over ten new statistical categories to measure LoL play, through POWR (Performance Objectively Weighted and Rated). Additionally, POWR provides an unbiased assessment of the strength of a team or player and allows for an easily understandable way to compare competitors.

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DeAppolonio also added: “Factor was originally created to be used by EG competitive teams only. Through releasing it to the community, our hope is that Factor sparks further analytical discovery of what defines top talent across competitive League.”

Esports Insider says: The launch of Factor.gg is yet another sign which proves that data analysis has become fundamental to the modern esports experience. More and more organisations are opting in to this fresh outlook, confirming strong data carries a lot of potential.

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