Guild Esports partners with Difference Makers for Fortnite tournament

UK-based esports organisation Guild Esports has partnered with Difference Makers, an initiative from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

According to the release, the partnership seeks to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) education concepts and sustainability through competitive gaming. 

Image Credit: Guild Esports

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As a result of the deal, IET and Guild Esports will organise a Fortnite tournament with a unique activation — for every in-game tree cut down during the tournament, Difference Makers will plant one tree in real life. 

Danielle George, IET President, commented: “The future scientists, technicians and engineers, who might one day save the world are likely to be found today — in front of their consoles. 

“With STEM and sustainability so integral to modern life, we’re proud to be creating the world’s first Fortnite tournament where players are fighting for more than just the win; they’re also fighting to make a positive impact on the world around them. Partnering with Guild was the ideal choice for this initiative, with their esports expertise and sustainable initiatives within the organisation.” 

In addition, the estimated carbon footprint of the event will also be compensated to ensure a net-zero environmental impact, according to the release. 

The tournament, set to commence on August 27th, will feature Guild Esports’s Fortnite players and content creators in a battle against Guild Academy students. 

To inspire young audiences, participants will be reportedly discussing transferable skills and ‘how love for gaming can be a gateway into the world of STEM’. 

Among the participating Guild Esports members are professional Fortnite players Henrik ‘Hen’ Mclean and Anas ‘Anas’ El-Abd and content creators Georgina ‘Gee Nelly’ Rose Nelson and Thomas ‘TN25’ Ngegba.

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Michelle Tierney, Guild’s Director of Partnerships, stated, “By working together with Difference Makers, we’re ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of this tournament. Difference Makers doesn’t just demonstrate that gaming can be green but shows us how the visionaries of the world can be found in unexpected places.  

“As an esports organisation co-owned by David Beckham, we understand the importance of an academy structure and the educational benefits for young people as they’re developing.  We’re proud to be educating the next generation with the skills to understand the critical importance of sustainability for our future”. 

Esports Insider says: There are not many esports organisations that place an emphasis on inspiring communities towards education and sustainability, let alone actual tree planting. This partnership is a unique and admirable initiative, that will hopefully inspire not only wide gaming audiences but also other esports organisations. 

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