IAB UK announces Gaming and Esports Advertising Framework

26 August 2021


IAB UK, the UK’s industry body for digital advertising, and video game advertising and monetisation platform Bidstack have announced the creation of the Gaming & Esports Advertising Framework.

The framework will provide a standardised set of defined terms relating to gaming and advertising, aimed at improving communications and interactions across the advertising supply chain in the fast-growing industry.

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Per an official IAB UK blog post, the framework is designed for use by anyone buying, selling, or interested in the purchase of gaming advertisements, with an emphasis on use for brands, agencies, and publishers. IAB anticipates that this framework of terms will be increasingly useful as the gaming ad and monetisation industry grows. This framework will encourage that growth to be sustainable and efficient.

Although it was released by the IAB, the Gaming & Esports Advertising Framework was developed by industry partners from the UK, Europe, and the United States to provide a unified framework for gaming and esports in the West and globally.

IAB UK’s Gaming Group Lead, Antonio Dale Forte, said: “To enable sustainable growth in an emerging format, the foundations need to be solid. “By creating a linguistic framework for the gaming and esports advertising market, we have taken the first step to ensure these burgeoning formats can be clearly and effectively communicated, bought, and sold.”

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In-game advertising company Bidstack revealed that it was one of the partners who contributed to the development process of the framework. Bidstack recently partnered with advertising technology platform Venatus Media to advertising space on Gfinity’s platforms, including Gfinity Esports and RealSport101.

When reached for comment, Bidstack’s CTO, Francesco Petruzzelli, told Esports Insider: “We’re really proud to have contributed to IAB’s Gaming and Esports Advertising Framework alongside our industry peers. Building this framework is another important step towards building scalability and standardisation across gaming and esports advertising.”

Esports Insider says: This framework will provide the gaming ad and monetisation industry with a concrete set of terms and phrases to operate under, allowing its current growth spurt to continue in a healthy and sustainable manner. With the help of experienced and knowledgeable partners such as Bidstack, IAB UK have set up esports for success when it comes to advertising.

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