VIDEO: GRID Esports on why esports data does what sports data doesn’t | ESI Focus

Data collection in traditional sports is burdened by the constraints of messy manual processes, whereas esports data collection happens natively and automatically. But when every little thing can be measured in esports, how do you parse through what is important and how can it best be organised?

On this week’s episode, we are joined by GRID Esports‘s CTO & Co-Founder, Chris King, and Technical Lead, Hans Cauwenbergh, to discuss how data is collected, the differences between sports and esports data, and the process of making the data and much more. This episode looks to provide a brief lesson on an integral part of the industry.

This is the first episode in ESI Focus’s series on Data in Esports, presented by GRID Esports, hosted by Esports Insider Sub-editor, Tom Daniels.

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