Astralis strikes partnership with Capgemini in Denmark 

29 September 2021


Danish esports organisation Astralis has announced a partnership with technology services and consulting company Capgemini.

As a result of the deal, which is specifically tied to the company’s Danish operations, Capgemini’s logo will be present on the front of Astralis’s player jerseys.

Photo credit: Astralis

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The company will also collaborate with the organisation to offer ‘employee experiences’ to Capgemini in Demark members based on talent interest, employee engagement, digital innovation, and societal impact. 

One of the employee experiences detailed includes two-day team courses based on mental and physical preparation for young professionals joining the company’s graduate programme. Moreover, the collaboration will also see the implementation of crash courses for Capgemini employees.

 Jakob Lund Kristensen, CRO and co-founder of Astralis, commented: “When we enter into a collaboration with a company like Capgemini, it is inevitably much more about the talent brand and culture of the organisation, rather than a logo on our player jerseys. 

“Both parties have a strong focus on embracing a performance culture, and the collaboration will become a strategic and cultural focal point. That is exactly what esports can do to the highest degree.”

Astralis has endured a hectic 2021, both from a competitive and commercial standpoint. This year alone, the organisation has secured partnerships with cryptocurrency platform Bybit, electronics retail chain POWER, and technology company HP, among others.

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In addition, the Danish organisation recently launched Astralis US and purchased a NLC League of Legends spot off fellow Nordic organisation Tricked Esports.

Claus Rydkjær, Managing Director, Capgemini in Denmark, added: “We plan to boost our hiring efforts in the coming years and are committed to nurturing the team spirit and wellbeing of our employees.

“With this partnership, we are also targeting young talent, university students and young gamers who might be keen to have a career in the IT industry.”

Esports Industry says: Unlike most sponsorship deals, the aim of this agreement is to promote Capgemini in Denmark’s brand to potential and current employees instead of physically selling a product. As such the initiatives in place should determine the overall success of the deal from Capgemini’s perspective.

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