DreamHack Atlanta delayed until 2022

Event organiser DreamHack has announced the postponement of the DreamHack Atlanta CS:GO tournament until 2022. 

The competition was originally scheduled to take place from November 12th to 14th as an in-person event this year.

Image credit: DreamHack

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Marcus Lindmark, President DreamHack, SVP Project and Event Operations at ESL Gaming, spoke on the announcement in a release: “DreamHack creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience — so to postpone Atlanta was not an easy decision. 

“Gaming brought, and kept us together over the last year and a half and it will continue to do so until we return.”

According to the release, the decision was made as a part of ongoing efforts to keep the health and safety of DreamHack staff and visitors a priority, as the current situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic worsens. 

The full schedule of global DreamHack events for 2022 will be reportedly announced on DreamHack Day, set to take place on December 9th. 

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Bas Bruinekool, Vice President of Festivals at DreamHack, stated: “All of us at DreamHack stay committed to providing our fans and followers with great experiences, even if it needs to continue in an alternate format for now.

“We know this decision is heartbreaking, but these are extraordinary times all over the world. The safety and health of everyone involved has never been more important to us than now.”

Esports Insider says: As the situation around the pandemic continues to worsen with the approaching fall, it’s no surprise to see planned in-person events being cancelled or rescheduled. Thus, it seems that the long-anticipated return of in-person esports events will also be, unfortunately, postponed until 2022.

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