Gen.G creates after-school programme with SMUD

22 September 2021


Multinational esports organisation Gen.G has announced a partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

As part of the deal, the two entities will join forces this fall to host the Colts Generational Gaming Academy at Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School in Elk Grove, California.

Image credit: Gen.G

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The 20-week after-school programme, which launches on October 4th, will feature 100 students interested in gaming engaging daily with STEM, sustainability, and innovation. 

Students will be taught through the eyes of gaming to acquire skills applicable to real-life careers through educational projects. 

Kahlil Keys, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Gen.G, said: “We could not be more excited to expand our education insights, reach, and resources to Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School. We are proud to partner with a school that shares our mission to equip students with tangible skills and networks that enable them to pursue successful futures.

“We believe this programme will ultimately establish a new framework for helping students define their dream careers in STEM through engagement with gaming technology and professionals.”

The classes will fall under 3 categories: Gaming and Esports, Gaming and Society, plus Gaming and Innovation. Specifically, students will explore topics such as zero-carbon technology, game development fundamentals, content creation basics, and sustainability.

Students will also have the opportunity to meet gaming industry professionals including content creators, professional gamers and marketing experts.

Charles Amy, Principal of Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School, added: “Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School is proud to partner with Gen.G in offering our students an opportunity to explore a potential career pathway in the world of gaming.

“This programme will integrate student passions of video game and design, with everyone’s number one goal, learning. We foresee nothing but fruitful outcomes from this endeavour.”

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The partnership with Gen.G and Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School is part of SMUD’s continued support of the Sacramento area through their community outreach programme. 

Rosanna Herber, Member of the Board of Directors at SMUD, commented: “This is an incredible opportunity for Elk Grove students to harness the power of tomorrow. The engaging STEM activities let students dive into the Minecraft platform to solve real-world problems within their own communities.

“With the addition of SMUD’s curriculum and Resource Priorities Map, students will design and implement a local project that enhances public life and protects the environment and our future.” 

Esports Insider says: This is an amazing opportunity for Gen.G to reach its younger demographic and also provide them with practical skills. Through this collaboration, both Gen.G and SMUD are set to not only encourage middle school students to consider esports as a career, but also give back to local communities through environmentally-focused programmes. 

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