Team Nigma merges with Galaxy Racer to become Nigma Galaxy

20 September 2021


Abu Dhabi-based esports organisation Team Nigma has merged with fellow MENA organisation Galaxy Racer.

As a result of the merger, Team Nigma has been renamed Nigma Galaxy and will head up Galaxy Racer’s esports division.

Nigma Galaxy
Image credit: Nigma Galaxy

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According to the release, Nigma Galaxy will operate as a standalone entity with a separate budget, brand and identity. The esports division will be led by Team Nigma’s Co-founders Mohamed Morad, Christoph Timm and Kuro Salehi Takhasomi.

Speaking to ESI, Morad discussed how the merger will impact the MENA region and strengthen both esports entities.

He said: “We have a huge esports background and we understand esports really well. We know how to build teams and we know how to scout and nurture talent. Galaxy Racer also has an amazing background when it comes to the IP entertainment industry. 

“So, by combining all our resources together, I think we can make the scene really big and even nourish more talent in the region.”

Alongside having a range of competitive rosters in MENA, Galaxy Racer also has teams across other regions such as Europe and Southeast Asia. Nigma Galaxy has claimed that it will ‘use existing resources’ from Galaxy Racer to expand further within Europe, South and North America, Southeast Asia and China.

The merger will also see Galaxy Racer retain its brand identity, with the organisation now looking to focus on content creation and ‘additional branches’. Galaxy Racer’s other business offerings include tournament management, merchandising and GXR Records, which is the organisation’s new record label.

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Regarding Galaxy Racer’s decision to split its content creation and esports divisions, Timm stated: “For me, esports is one thing and content creation is another thing. Of course, we will work together also with the creator side of things for some activation stuff but in the end, I think it’s good to have a clear cut between content creation and competitive esports.”

Nigma Galaxy has also stated that it will look to create support structures that will provide talent with the resources needed to pursue a career in esports and gaming. As a result, the organisation has revealed plans to create and develop the Nigma Galaxy Academy.

Via a press release, Paul Roy, Galaxy Racer’s CEO and Founder, said: “We are excited to announce our merger with Team Nigma to transform our competitive esports division into Nigma Galaxy. Team Nigma’s leadership team carries vast experience as professional players, which we believe will be a great asset to building and supporting all the teams under the Nigma Galaxy banner.

“With this merger, we believe we will be able to truly unlock this potential and shape the future of esports on a global scale.” 

Esports Insider says: Combining two huge emerging MENA organisations certainly has its pros and cons. The merger does take away the potential of creating two separate entities that can bolster the region. 

However, Nigma Galaxy could become a top-tier esports organisation that represents MENA, especially given the expertise of both sides involved. If so, then this merger should bolster the region competitively, whilst the esports division’s support structure can help nurture future regional talent.

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