Matt Rutledge and João Borges launch blockchain esports organisation BAYZ

27 October 2021


Mobile esports veterans Matt ‘MobileMatt’ Rutledge and João Borges have launched BAYZ, a decentralised gaming organisation.

According to the release, the blockchain-focused organisation will have its own esports and content creation operations, as well as a revenue share model that lets all community members contribute to the company.

Image credit: BAYZ

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BAYZ intends to acquire top assets in top play-to-earn blockchain games and create a community that can share revenue created in said games. The company will also enlist the help of strategic partner Yield Guild Games, as well as strong crypto-native investors and games industry community leaders to establish a ‘leading blockchain gaming guild’.

Matt Rutledge and João Borges, co-founders of BAYZ, commented: “Anyone in the world, regardless of background, with the passion and skills to contribute to the guild has the ability to be rewarded through this system.

“As a community-owned and operated company, BAYZ community members will be able to earn tokens in a variety of ways including airdrops, loyalty rewards, activity rewards, participation in the DAO management process, and more. Up to 45 per cent of the total tokens are reserved for the BAYZ community.”

The brand will focus on play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity, where players are rewarded with crypto tokens by winning in-game battles.

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BAYZ founders, Matt Rutledge and João Borges noted in a release that play-to-earn games provide great opportunities to players in developing markets. This includes Brazil, which is the first market BAYZ wants to explore. The company is said to support esports teams, staff, and championship events in esports in Brazil. 

Esports Insider says: The play-to-earn market is still a cloudy one for most players, but there seems to be a lot of opportunities for early adopters. BAYZ wants to be exactly that by being one of the first companies that focus on these kinds of games. With the popularity of blockchain, this project will surely gain traction, but it remains to be seen how effective it’ll be.

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