EQ set to unveil plans for esports venture at ESI Oxford St pop-up

08 October 2021


Esports and gaming venture EQ will present its vision to create opportunities for young people to develop their skills and find work through esports at this weekend’s Esports Insider Oxford Street Pop-up event.

EQ is a new esports venture focused on delivering events and strategic collaborations such as retail partnerships, pop-ups, and online tournaments. The company states that its ventures will benefit brands, teams, players, and fans in the competitive gaming community.

Image credit: EQ

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According to the release, the idea behind the project is to allow young people to ‘explore the world of esports and gaming beyond the screen’. Through its projects, the company plans to stimulate learning and cognition, thus improving employability and providing young people with crucial skills that will help them in life.

Chris Bird from EQ added: “EQ is not just another business to me, it is an extension of me. I wasn’t blessed with a high IQ but I make things happen because I believe emotional intelligence mobilises ideas and inspires people.

“This is a long-term project for me, there is no quick fix as I am determined to bridge the gap between the commercial focus and the social opportunities and needs and this will take time, investment, and determination.”

Chris Bird and EQ will hold talks at the ESI pop-up event this weekend at Oxford St, and the company welcomes any and all esports and gaming enthusiasts to come and ask questions.

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Esports Insider says: Companies that try to educate and help young people get jobs in the esports industry are very welcome. More and more young people are looking to enter the industry, however, they often don’t know how to take their first steps. EQ will aim to change that for the better.

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