EVOS Esports launches EVOS Integrated Training Facility

Southeast Asian esports organisation EVOS Esports has announced the launch of its new EVOS Integrated Training Facility (ITF).

According to the release, EVOS Esports intends to use the facility to ‘provide the best possible training infrastructure to further support team performance’. 

Image credit: EVOS Esports

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The launch of the facility is reportedly part of the organisation’s commitment to bolster the esports industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Michael Wijaya, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing of EVOS Esports, spoke on the announcement: “The launch of this ITF for EVOS is a manifestation of our dream to present an infrastructure that will help us to increase effectiveness and efficiency for EVOS to continue to work and contribute for the growth of the esports industry and future generations in Indonesia. 

“Since the development of ITF in May 2021, ITF is specifically intended to have various functions according to the needs of every part of EVOS, starting from pro players, staff, and various stakeholders. Through EVOS ITF, we hope that we can continue to provide the best facilities and comfort for pro players and continue to help support our team’s performance for the sake of EVOS fams everywhere.”

EVOS ITF is equipped with a variety of supporting facilities designed for the needs of professional esports teams, such as team building rooms, streaming rooms, gaming rooms and leisure areas. 

The 765 square-meter facility is located on the first floor of One Belpark Mall in South Jakarta, Indonesia. It consists of 18 rooms including a lobby, guest area, office, team building room, streaming room, conference room, leisure area and pantry.

The infrastructure will function as a training ground for EVOS Esports athletes, as well as becoming an epicentre of the organisation’s various activities. This includes office areas for content and marketing teams and space for content creators and the EVOS Esports community to gather and grow. 

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Hartman Harris, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of EVOS Esports, commented:  “EVOS ITF will serve as a multifunctional platform as well as an infrastructure for EVOS to continue to work and present various content and become a home for EVOS Fams. In addition, it is also our commitment to create a space that can be utilised and support various esports activities, where the embodiment of this commitment is the ITF which we hope can become the best integrated training facilities in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

“In its development process, EVOS ITF is the result of continuous collaboration and support from our various partners and sponsors who enthusiastically continue to participate in efforts to develop the esports industry in Indonesia.”

Esports Insider says: This marks yet another step in EVOS Esports’s efforts to strengthen its position as the leading esports organisation in the Southeast Asian region. Dedicated multifunctional training facilities are by now a norm for most of the prominent esports orgs, therefore it’s a logical move for EVOS to follow this trend.

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