Hitmarker launches job seeking courses on Skillshare

12 October 2021


Gaming and esports job platform Hitmarker has announced that it will teach a number of courses related to job seeking and hiring on Skillshare, an online learning community.

Hitmarker has launched three lessons on Skillshare, covering topics such as building a resume, cover letters, and interviewing for a job.

Hitmarker Skillshare logos
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Hitmarker / SkillShare 

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Hitmarker also announced that the key element to the courses is a class project, which is something the students need to do by the end of the course. According to the release, this will provide an interactive experience that will help put their learnings into action.

Incorporated in 2018, the UK-based online job board is a source for job seekers and companies in the esports and gaming industry. Hitmarker has previously offered educational content on its website, however, the cooperation with Skillshare is expected to provide a more in-depth approach to job-seeking and hiring.

Cam Brierley, Marketing Lead at Hitmarker, commented: “As a platform dedicated to helping people get hired, we’ve been searching for an educational partner like Skillshare for a while now. We’ve been producing our own content through written articles and social videos ever since we launched, and are thrilled to be taking the learnings that we’ve developed over the years and creating full courses around them.”

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Hitmarker has revealed that more courses are expected to be implemented in the following months. These upcoming lessons are expected to cover modern methods of work, HR practices, and utilising products and apps that have helped the company improve its workflow and productivity.

Esports Insider says: The new courses on Skillshare should enable more students to gain valuable experience in writing cover letters and resumes. Since the esports industry is growing fast, it’s imperative to follow this growth with soft skills that match. Building a good resume and cover letter are some of the most important for everyone, not just those of us who want jobs in the gaming and esports industries.

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