Promod Esports unveils ICEBOX, launches £20,000 VALORANT tournament

Esports solution agency Promod Esports has unveiled a new Northern European VALORANT community known as ICEBOX.

As a result, ICEBOX will launch with a £20,000 tournament open to teams in the UK, Ireland, and Nordic regions.

Image cried: Promod Esports

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Promod Esports is no stranger to operating VALORANT tournaments. In June 2021, the agency hosted the VALORANT UK&I Skirmish tournament. Like the Skirmish, the Northern Classic tournament will be supported by VALORANT publisher and developer Riot Games.

Rob Black, CEO and Founder of Promod Esports, spoke on hosting the tournament and the launch of ICEBOX in a release: “We’re thrilled to have been chosen by Riot Games to run the Northern Classic & Northern Frenzy competitions and we can’t wait to watch some of the best teams in Europe compete for their share of £20,000.

“Promod Esports has always been about providing opportunity to the esports community, and we’re very excited about how ICEBOX & the upcoming tournaments will provide a platform for teams, players, & talent to shine in the Northern European region.”

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Intel, Logitech G, and AOC Gaming have been named as suppliers for the Northern Classic, with the finals taking place from November 19th-21st. Qualifiers for the tournament will be held on October 19th-20th.
Will Buck, Senior Brand Manager at Riot Games, also commented: “We’re extremely excited about this competition run by Promod Esports. It’s great to have competitive opportunities for local VALORANT players and teams in the UK, Ireland, and Nordics. We’re hoping to see participants from these tournaments develop and progress with an ambition to make their way to the upper echelon of VALORANT in the future.”
Esports Insider says: VALORANT is cementing its place in the esports industry as one of the biggest titles and to see a new community hub launched by Promod Esports is a great opportunity for the Northern European scene to flourish.