Metafy announces acquisition of GamersRdy

Esports and gaming coaching platform Metafy has announced the acquisition of its former competitor GamersRdy

According to the release, the purchase is aligned with both company’s mission to ‘help players improve at the games they love through coaching, training and development’. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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As a result of the purchase, GamersRdy Owner and Head of Experience Alex Gilmore will transition to the role of Product Manager. In his new role, Gilmore will be responsible for helping build ‘the future and growth of asynchronous learning and coaching’. 

Josh Fabian, Metafy Co-Founder and CEO, spoke on the announcement: “I’m so impressed with the coaching team and community Alex has curated at GamersRdy. Metafy has a lock on the best Super Smash Bros coaching in the world, and we’ll be able to say the same for Rocket League by bringing GamersRdy’s talent into the fold. 

“Just like our students, we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can be better, and we’re all excited to move forward together and continue growing.”

Metafy will also welcome GamersRdy’s roster of more than 100 coaches, allowing the company to expand its live-learning content offerings.

Launched in 2018, GamersRdy offers coaching for multiple titles, including Rocket League, Fortnite, Valorant and CS:GO. The company’s revenues reportedly skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing by over 120 percent in six months.

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Gilmore commented: “The decision to join Metafy was an important one. I was keen on using the experience I had built up with GamersRdy, but I wanted to make sure that Metafy had the same aspirations and care towards our coaches and community as I had.

“It was through my conversations with Josh that I realised how ultimately, this would genuinely benefit our coaches, creators and students, enabling them to join a community with bigger growth aspirations while retaining the closeness we’ve already built amongst each other.”

Esports Insider says: Given both platforms’ increasing popularity, it only makes sense for the companies to join forces, resulting in wider coverage of esports coaching. With both companies’ missions being aligned, the entities are likely to be more successful as partners rather than competition. 

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