Statespace announces purchase of ProGuides

Statespace, the parent company of FPS aim training platform Aim Lab, has announced the acquisition of online coaching platform ProGuides.

The acquisition comes after Statespace raised $50m (~£36.7m) in a Series C funding round that took place in September. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Statespace x ProGuides
Image credit: Statespace

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Since launching in 2015, ProGuides has created an expanding creator economy that provides individuals with coaching courses taught by professional players across a number of competitive titles.

According to the release, the aim of the acquisition is to integrate Aim Lab into available courses to provide players with more methods to improve their gameplay.

Wayne Mackey, Founder and CEO of Statespace, spoke on the acquisition in a release: “Our vision is to create a singular platform that allows everyone to get better at, and better enjoy, the games that they love.

“Acquiring ProGuides allows us to continue to build the ultimate performance training platform for player improvement by combining both live and asynchronous training experiences via our existing Aim Lab product. We truly believe the sum is greater than the individual parts and are beyond excited to show you what comes next.”

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In October, Statespace announced a partnership with Learn2Esport, the creator of esports learning and skill development platform Gameplan. The partnership has seen both entities collaborate to broaden esports skills development opportunities available to young players.

Sam Wang, CEO, and Co-founder of ProGuides, added: “We founded ProGuides with the mission to inspire, instruct and connect the next generation of gamers. Alongside Statespace, we’ll expand those ambitions beyond live coaching and on-demand courses to help gamers get better.” 

Esports Insider says: Statespace’s Aim Lab programme has been hugely popular amongst a range of FPS titles. It makes sense for the company to acquire ProGuides to integrate its programme into the existing catalogue of courses. 

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