VIDEO: Discussing esports in-game activations

One of the biggest questions that advertisers are trying to solve is how to attract the younger generation. Given the fact that over 70 percent of the modern audience are digital natives, esports is a crucial sector to advertisers that want to be seen by this crucial demographic. 

However, given that digital audiences are not satisfied with traditional approaches that have worked in the past, advertisers have to come up with innovative ways to promote products. As such, in-game esports activations have started to become more and more prominent. Brands such as Kia and KitKat can be seen plastered across League of Legends’ Summoner’s Rift. Moreover, games such as Football Manager have in-game advertising boards just as a football team would in stadiums. 

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In this panel, some of the sector’s experts discuss key esports activations that have shaken up and revolutionised the space.

This discussion is moderated by Swipe Right’s Junior Account Manager, Laura Byrne, during Day 2 of ESI London. Alongside Byrne, the panel features Yasin Dabhelia, Head Of Automation at Bidstack, Moritz Natalini, FACEIT’s Product Director of Advertising, and Erik Londre, Founder of Karta.

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