VIDEO: How to seize the attention of the streaming generation

Esports comes equipped with a prized demographic. They’re young, tech-savvy, and wealthy to boot. However, the audience is also notoriously hard to reach. As a cultural tendency, gaming and esports fans have a deep-running scepticism of unauthentic marketing attempts – and short attention spans, too.

In this panel, we hear from key players in the game about the best ways to reach, access, and leverage this important market.

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Panellists discuss the essentiality of authenticity, the importance of staying relevant, and the value of quality over quantity when it comes to engagement in esports. This Day 2 panel from ESI London is sponsored by Hotdrop and moderated by Trev Keane, Managing Director of Epic Global Agency.

The discussion features Alex Coulson, Managing Director of NSE; Mokhliss Barriol, International Head of Business Development at MBUZZ Esports; and Richard Pilbeam, Director of Marketing GB & IRE at Monster Energy.

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